Notes from the President and Board of Directors

Notes from the President and Board of Directors

Thank you to all of the unit owners of Royal Park for voting and electing a new Board of Directors for 2014. The amount of votes this year was unprecedented and we appreciate your taking the time and effort to make your voice heard in our community. The new Board of Directors names and positions have been posted on all community boards as to who your new officers are.

We have been busy transitioning into the new roles. Our primary objective as the new Board of Directors is to make our association activities and financials as transparent as possible. The new board is reviewing the past activities and financials and bringing ourselves up to date on all matters regarding Royal Park. We have been reviewing the current vendor contracts, past policies and procedures and reviewing status of the railing project. The amount of due diligence is time consuming, however, we will make every effort to share the information with you as quickly as possible.

One of our first initiatives is to initiate a “NO CASH” policy for the association management office. In the coming weeks, the association office will only accept checks, money orders or credit cards for any financial transactions. This will enhance our record keeping and also our accounting practices.

Other progress was made by the Board at our meeting of February 20th, 2014, when we passed several motions unanimously: Some addressed enhancements to our election process, such as collecting a

  •   unit owner’s signature list,
  •   certification of ballots,
  •   Suspension of delinquent owners’ rights to vote according to FS 718, and
  •   A motion to restrict access to the association’s management office by

    BOD members after standard business hours,

  •   A motion to dispose of proposed Amendment to reduce the percent

    needed to change our documents from 50% +1 to 30 %.

    The decision was made to keep the 50%+1 as this seemed to be a major concern of our owners. However, the Document Committee will continue to make suggested changes to our current governing documents which will be presented to the owners at a later date for adoption. A list of proposed changes will be made available to members prior to any changes being voted on.

    A budget committee has been formed and will begin to review our finances so that next year’s budget will be more owner driven and hopefully encourage owners to participate in how their money is spent.

    Our Social Committee has been very active this year and has already hosted a Super Bowl Party that was very successful. In addition, an upcoming social cook- out will be held in the North BBQ picnic area in front of buildings 120 & 121 this

Tuesday, February 25, 2014. Everyone is invited. We hope to see you there! We need to thank them for providing coffee and refreshments at our last Board meeting. Special thanks to Clifford Lloyd and Vasile Chis for their efforts.

The monthly Board of Directors meeting had been moved from Wednesdays at 6:30 pm to Thursday at 7:30 to determine if a day and time change would allow more owners to participate in Board meetings. If owners feel some other day would be better let us know and we’ll see if we can make the accommodation. We hope that more owners will begin to attend our Board meetings.

Come early to meet your neighbors, enjoy the refreshments and learn what issues we are encountering at Royal Park.

The President and Board of Directors Royal Park Condominiums