New Resident FAQs

New Resident FAQs

I have just signed a contract to purchase a unit, now what?

Stop by the office to pick up an Purchase Application or download it from our Documents & Forms page. Once your application is processed, you will receive a call to schedule a Condo Orientation. After closing, bring your ID’s and a signed HUD-1 and Warranty Deed to the management office parking decals and any keys to common areas. Also make sure to give us a copy of your new condo key. By law, we are required to keep one in the vault for “fire, flood or blood” events. Mainly it helps when you lock yourself out of the unit.

How much are the Condo Maintenance Fees and when are they paid?

Condo Maintenance Fees are paid Quarterly on the first of the following months: January, April, July, and October.

2022 assessments are:

  • $914.31 for a 1-bedroom
    $1,150.93 for a 2-bedroom

There is no land or recreational lease.

How to Pay Your Condo Maintenance fee

What is included in the Quarterly Maintenance Payment?

Basic Cable is included through Comcast/Xfinity. The Front Gate staff and security as well as the main office staff, legal counsel, exterior building repairs, landscaping maintenance, and pool maintenance. Water, trash, sewer & building insurance is also included. General Liability and Flood Policies plus Wind Mitigation Affidavits are available on our Documents & Forms page.

Is there a time restriction for renting out the condo for new buyers?

Yes.  When the condo deed is passed from one name to another it, the new title holder must wait 2 years before the condo can be rented. This is the case for sales, deeding the condo to another person, quitclaims or estate transfers. There is a rental cap of 18% of all units (121 units). Only annual leases are permitted.

How do I register my car and get window decals?

All new decals cost $20.00 (cash or check only). If you already have a decal and sell, lose, replace, etc your car, your new decal will only cost $5.00. Please note that a third vehicle decal is $80.00 each year. If you return a decal from a previous owned car and would like to add a new car a free decal will be issued. The previous decal on file must be returned in order to receive the replacement free of charge. You run the risk of being towed if you do not update your decals each year. To obtain your yearly decal:

OWNERS: Bring in a copy of your driver’s license and your vehicle registration to the office for a decal.

RENTERS: Bring a signed copy of your updated lease to obtain your yearly decal.

Can I install an electronic car charging station at my parking space?

Yes. Florida Statute 718.113 regulates the installation of vehicle charging stations.  Royal Park does not at this time plan to install common charging stations within the condominium property. If an owner wishes to install their own charging station, please read the rules and requirements that must be followed.

How do my guests get in the front gate and where should they park?

When you have guests coming to visit you, PLEASE call the gate ahead of time to advise. Guests who arrive without being called in will be denied access. If the guests do not turn around, BSO will be called as they are trespassing. Once you call your guests in through the gate, security will give your guest a pass. Guest passes are valid for 24 hours and are color coded for a specific day of the week.

Guests must park in your designated spot or in a yellow guest spot. Do not have them park in a neighbor’s spot, as they will be towed at their expense. If you need a guest pass for a few days, please contact management.

My air condition company can only come on the weekend. How do they gain access to the roof?

Please have your AC vendor bring a copy of their vendor license and insurance to give to the officer on duty at the front gate. They will need to sign out for a roof key with their driver’s license. No company ID will be accepted, ONLY a driver’s license. Their driver’s license will be retuned when they return the key to the officer at the front gate. Please make sure to call in your AC vendor to the gate prior to their arrival.

My relative is coming to stay with me for a few months. Do they have to register with the office?

Yes. Per the Rules & Regulations, any guest that is in the unit in excess of 30 days, per calendar year, MUST register with the office. Please select an additional occupant application from the Resource Center (insert link here) and turn into the management office.

I just changed my name. Do I have to alert the office?

Yes. Please bring in the official documentation stating the previous name, new name and date of change. We will make a copy and update your records.

I’m moving out of my unit and letting some friends stay while I am gone. Do they need to fill out an application?

Yes. If the owner is NOT present in the unit, guests staying in the unit MUST fill out a renter’s application and pay all the appropriate fees.

What is the pet policy at Royal Park?

Royal Park permits two (2) pets per unit. As of December 2018, there are no weight or size restrictions on pets. Please register your pet with management office with county registration, vaccination documentation, and a photo of your pet. Should they become loose in the community, we would like to know to whom they should be returned.

How do I alert the office or condo board to a problem owner/tenant or report a maintenance issue?

Our staff is dedicated to resolving issues for residents of Royal Park, and we pride ourselves on prompt responses of their questions. We kindly ask that you email our staff for a quicker response. Please make sure to include your name, building, and unit number to better assist you. For noise related issues, attempt to reach out to the neighbor first nicely to try and resolve the problem.  If unsuccessful, contact the front office. For noise issues after 11pm, contact the front gate and they will investigate.  If the problem persists, they will contact Broward County Sheriff.

When does trash get picked up and do we recycle?

Garbage days are Mondays and  Thursdays. When there is a holiday on that Monday, the trash day is pushed to Tuesday. Please do not throw food down the chute without being in a tied bag. It creates an infestation of roaches when not disposed of properly.

The trash bins are pushed out on Mondays & Thursdays from about 7:30 am until 11:00 am for pickup.

RECYCLING: Blue recycle bins are located throughout the community. These are “Single Stream Recycling” bins, and hold all recyclable material.

What To Recycle:

  • Glass bottles & Jars of any color. No lids.
  • Juice and Milk boxes
  • Aluminum, Steel & Tin Cans
  • Plastic Dairy Tubs (yogurt, margarine, etc. ) No lids.
  • Plastic bottles, jugs or containers with recycling symbols #1 through #7. No caps.
  • Catalogs and magazines
  • Cereal boxes and other paperboard.
  • Cardboard boxes, no larger than 18″ x 24″, cut and flattened.
  • Junk mail
  • Newspapers and inserts
  • Office paper
  • Paperback books
  • Telephone books
  • Any paper that tears

At no time, should any of the following items be placed in the recycling containers: Broken glass, window or mirror glass, pie tins, plate glass, light bulbs, used oil containers, plastic bags, tin foil, styrofoam, aerosol cans, batteries, toys, hoses, carpeting, clothes, dishes, paper plates, electronics, juice pouches, pizza boxes, hazardous material containers, animal waste, yard debris, tires, or garbage.

Recycling Guidelines
(click here for Recycling Chart & Schedule)

  • Empty and rinse containers. Remove lids and caps.
  • Don’t Bag recyclables.  Plastic bags ARE NOT recyclable.  Please empty recyclables into containers. Find drop off locations for plastic bags.
  • Close cart lid completely.

Bulk Trash is near the front of the community, north of the 117 Building. Please contact the office to have it unlocked. Do not take things from there. It may contain bed bugs, fleas, roaches, etc due to the fact it has been sitting outside. We encourage people to spray paint beds, mattresses, or any furniture with a big “X” on them to avoid someone picking up the furniture and possibly spreading pests.

Old furniture can also be donated instead of put into the bulk trash area (the more bulk trash, the more they charge Royal Park). Please donate these items! There are dozens of charities that will arrange for pickup of old furniture.

Are there any other fees I should know about?

Common Area Keys

Clubhouse Keys: $15 refundable, Bike Room/Storage Keys: $5.00 each.

Laundry Cards

Initial Smart Card Cost: $5.00 (No value on card at time of purchase). Smart Cards are used like cash and refillable at a Card Value Center at the entrance of the clubhouse.  The Card Value Center accepts both cash.  When you insert a $20 dollar bill into the Card Value Center, you will receive $22 dollar credit.  You may purchase a card directly at the machine or stop by the management office.


  • $0.10 per page

Estoppels & Condo Questionnaires

All estoppel & condo questionnaires should be requested from the Property Manager.  Please allow up to 15 days for standard delivery. A Rush Service will deliver them within 48 hours, unless requested on a Friday. All checks should be payable to Royal Park Condominium Apartments, Inc.

  • Standard Service: $175.00
  • Rush Service: $300.00

Printed Copy of the Condo Document Package

$30.00, or download for free from our Documents & Forms page.

Clubhouse Usage Fee

  • $50.00 for 6 hour rental for Owners.
  • $150.00 for 6 hour rental for Renters.
  • A $300 check security deposit must be turned in with the required application in order to reserve a date.

Fax (Sending/Receiving)

  • Local $1.00 first page, then $0.50 each additional page.
  • Long Distance is $2.00 first page, $0.50 each additional page