Realtor Guide

Realtor Guide

How do I enter Royal Park Condos?

A real estate agent who presents both a valid Driver’s License and is previously called into the gate may enter the property with a prospective buyer to view the property. You will be given a parking pass and may park in any yellow curbed guest space.

Are there restrictions on signs and lock boxes?  

The Association does not allow signs within the community. The association only permits electronic lock boxes. Combination lockboxes may only be installed by occupants for emergency medical access.

Where is the best place to take a Client or view the amenities? 

The gate address is 1500 NW 38th Street, Oakland Park, FL. The management office is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Our office number is 954-739-6300.  Please contact the office to state that you will be arriving in order to show the unit. Or, please have the current owner call you in to the gate. If the unit is bank owned, please have the real estate agent representing the bank call us prior.

My buyers need insurance documentation.  How can I obtain them?

The General Liability, Flood and Windstorm insurance documents are available on our Documents and Forms page.

We are the Realtor for the purchasing bank. How do we gain access to the community?

Please email our Front Office with a copy of the Certificate of Title and an authorization from the bank indicating you as their Realtor. You can email the office a copy of your gate access list (include the dates they will be on site) to gain entry. Please be as detailed as possible. Until we have the authorization from the bank, we cannot let you or your vendors into the community.