No Plastic Bags in Recycling

No Plastic Bags in Recycling

Recycle Right

No plastic bags of any type should be in recycle bins. Empty the bags in the bins.

We continue to have residents place plastic bags in the recycling bins. The City of Oakland Park has informed Royal Park that we have an excessive amount of unacceptable and contaminating items in our bins. If we do not correct this, they will have to remove the bins from our property.

The association is asking residents to help our recycling efforts by only putting acceptable items in our recycle bins.

Recycle Tips

If recycle bins are removed, all trash will then have to be put in building dumpsters, therefore increasing the cost for our garbage pickups, as our cost is based on the weight of the dumpsters.

This cost could result in an increase in maintenance fees, as the association would need to adjust the budget accordingly.

Please help and only discard acceptable recycle items.

You can find locations to drop off plastic bags for recycling here.