Coronavirus Update Mar. 17, 2020

Coronavirus Update Mar. 17, 2020

COVID-19 Tips


We realize that the coronavirus is a fluid and rapidly evolving situation and it is understandable that many of our neighbors may feel anxious and concerned about the outbreak.

We are asking that each building identify a senior citizen or handicapped resident that may need help in food shopping, picking up medicines, and other needs that they may be limited in obtaining. Please make an effort to reach out and offer your help if possible.

It is a time for our community to come together and follow the advice of health experts by taking the necessary steps to slow the spread of the virus.

We also kindly request to keep your visitors to a minimum during the next few weeks so that all our neighbors can feel safe from the virus spreading. When using pools, gym and clubhouse facilities we ask that you follow up by cleaning the area for others.

The Association has taken a pro-active step by adding towel and soap dispensers in both the women and men gyms to use and keep the equipment germ-free.

Please be considerate of others. Buy what you need and leave some items on the shelves so that all of our neighbors have an opportunity to purchase the food and supplies they need for themselves, their families, and loved ones.

It is a time to be cautious, courteous and do not panic.

Individuals with questions related to the coronavirus should call the Florida Department of Health’s Coronavirus Call Center at 1-866.779-6121, which is available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week or via email at

For more information, go to the Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Website.

Guidance for Older Adults can be found at the CDC Website.