2015 Run Off Elections

2015 Run Off Elections

Meeting of the Board of Directors Wednesday, February 25, 2015

At 7pm the Attorney for Royal Park, Randall Rogers made a last call for votes, then proceeded to count the votes. He opened the lock box counting all the envelopes totaling 286. Three teams of two owners each proceeded to organize, count and open the envelopes. (12) Twelve votes were disqualified for arrears, non- certificates, and double voting.

After all the ballots were counted Randall announced the 1 name with the most votes. Total votes for the candidates are as follows:


Rick Blake: 178 Votes
Mark Eagle: 109 Votes

The board sits as follows:

2015 Board Of Directors

  • Rick Blake
  • David Kaminski
  • Yvonne Hepler
  • Robert Muniz
  • Vasile Chis